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Free Stuff Wednesday


 Hello guys! Joeteck here! I want to give you guys free stuff but you need to do the following for JoeteckTips to qualify.

1. You need be a subscriber on YouTube.
2. You need be a member of JoeteckTips forum.
3. You need to comment on video's and interact with other subscribers and myself so I know who you are.
4. You need to get noticed by JoeteckTips moderators and or Administrators. (Get involved)
5. When I create the thread about what is available, you need to tell me why you want it and what it will be used for.
6. When picked, I will send you a PM, asking for your address and phone number. I will call you personally and congratulate you! Sorry No P.O. boxes. I will also make a video about you and what you have won.
7. It would be nice if you posted your experience with the rest of the forum about what you won and what you're using it for. It will be highlighted and made a sticky.

Good Luck everyone. I want to help as many people as I can.

- Joeteck


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